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Hummi is a flexible diagram app to layout your data


Hummi optimizes for fast data entry. You can focus on concepts and relationships. Let Hummi do the drawing.

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Diagrams to understand relationships and causality
Sociogram of grade 3 seating preferences

Map interpersonal relationships in sociograms. Identify leaders, reveal where students are isolated, and notice cliques.
[Read more about sociograms]

Interactive Factors affecting Janet

Analyse cause and effect with the Interactive Factors Framework. Trace causes to roots, find reinforcing cycles, identify interactions of behavior with the environment, and connect strategies to address problems.
[Read more about the Interactive Factors Framework]

Fun facts about hummingbirds

Zip to 50 miles per hour at 10 g acceleration.

See further than humans but have no sense of smell.

Have big brains, they remember every flower they’ve been to.

Weigh less than a nickel.

We hummingbirds! We built Hummi to be just like them. Hummi is fast, visual, and free for educators and students.

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