Hummi's Mission

Table of contents:

Empower world changers
Data liberation
Diagrams as fast as flight

Hummi Logo

The problem

Your data lives behind API boundaries.

Jira, Github, Calendar, HRMS, Documents, etc…

Your data is disconnected and under-used.

The solution

A flexible, expressive data model for data entry and import

Type words, connect boxes, customize

Automated layout

Intuitive, fast interface


Every solution begins with a diagram

Defines notation

Elucidates relationships

Establishes a graph that can be visually analyzed

What is

A faster way to create diagrams

A faster way to create graphs

A faster way to make a database

A tool for world changers

Diagrams and data

Copernicus changed the world with a diagram

Data has replaced oil in asset value

If you want to change to world, you’ll need both

Diagrams from data

Current diagram apps are inadequate

Design and wireframing apps don’t produce graphs

Textfile to diagram converters

  • Difficult to achieve a pleasing layout
  • Spend more time struggling with syntax and styling than thinking

Whiteboarding apps

  • Slow
  • Unconnected

Hummi revenue model

Free for educators and students

Expanded cloud sync capacity for subscribers

Team capabilities for company subscriptions


Monthly Average Users (MAU) drivers

2022.51kRefine usability
2023.15kGrow a userbase of teachers
2023.520kExpand team capabilities for corporate customers
2024.1100kExpand analytic capabilities


Hummi Roadmap

The opportunity

The diagraming market was US$ 700 million in 2021 [source]

Estimated market for whiteboard app is US$ 20 million

Hummi is currently gaining traction to capture a tiny subset of the whiteboard app market


Let’s create a tool for world changers. We are currently raising seed capital for acceleration. Do you want to take the journey with us?